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Why is there an SRN?

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We have developed the SRN for a few key reasons-
First and foremost to help our members succeed with their services.
For those starting up a business or wanting to advance their skills, the SRN was designed to assist in meeting those goals.
We offer a stone restoration class that is tailored to the needs of the individual.
From the basics to advanced techniques, the class is a practical hands-on experience to help the student gain knowledge of stone repair and restoration.
Our forum is dedicated to the stone restoration trade.
The forum is a resource of information on techniques, processes, supplies and advice from professionals thus saving time and money. We offer a consumer forum to give advice to the public and to provide potential leads for our members in their area.
To develop a network of qualified stone professionals.
With growth comes recognition, which leads to more potential opportunities of the service trade.
Community is one of the important aspects of the SRN.
The website connects peers in the stone trade. We wanted to create a forum where it’s both educational and comfortable to ask and discuss just about anything related to stone.
As one of our founders says “Welcome Home”